Water Pump

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1.5", Electric - 110 Volt, 20FT Discharge Incl.

$25 for 4 Hrs

$35 per Day

Water Pump & Hoses

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PUMP, 2", Gas 

$40/4 Hrs, $50/Day, $200/Week, $500/Month

HOSES, 2"/20FT Suction & 2"/50FT Discharge

$15/4 Hrs, $15/Day, $30/Week, $60/Month

Gorman Rupp Pump & Hoses

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PUMP, 8" x 8"

$500/Day, $2000/Week, $4500/Month


10FT/6" Suction - $40/Day, $260/Week, $910/Month

100FT/8" Discharge - $75/Day, $375/Week, $1300/Month

Aluminum Ringlock Pipe

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30FT, 10", 22.5, 45, & 90 Degree Elbows and T's

$1.50/FT per Week

$3.00/FT per Month

*For additional months, call us for a pro-rate on rental prices

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